Who We Are

Born in the mad rush of the behemoth that is Tokyo, WildChild TKYO™️ is the brainchild of a group of multinational creatives who have a passion for melding modernity and cultural tradition. We come from various backgrounds including fashion, art, music, cinematography and acting, and were drawn together by a shared love of The Hero’s Journey spoken of by Joseph Campbell. Previously, we specialized in one-off and limited run designs for select clients. We now invite you to join us on our Journey, the next stage of evolution.

The TKYO in our name is not just a hint of the city of our birth, but an acronym, a toast - To Knowledge You Optimize. We believe that life is not about what you know, it’s about what you Manifest. Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, by virtue of being a human being, you are a creator. We hope to stimulate, awaken, and inspire that creative force within you…which brings us to our logo and why it is so powerful…

Our Logo is a proprietary adaptation of alchemical symbols that  represent embracing the Wild, instinctual, free-spirited part of human nature with the ultimate goal of achieving personal perfection. It is our vision to, not only be internationally known as an innovative voice in fashion and art, but to also encourage our growing family (You!) to do the same. We look forward to being as much a part of your journey, as you are now a part of ours.

Lastly, we know that we are not for everyone. But for the Unique, Individualistic few…for the Visionary Ones with whom our message resonates…yes, for you…

We have some amazing things in store for you…



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